It all began with an unknown whisper while sitting on a sofa in the funeral home. Many years later while looking back, she remembered the whisper and could plainly see she had been on a journey and the whisper had grown into a language that had proven to be true and enduring. Years of feeling very much alone’ proved itself to be quit the opposite, details within her life was now unfolding a map of great travel.

A child with just a little faith can be easily driven to places many never go, visions of sugar- plums that dance came to attention and hearkened to the tune of a spiritual adventure. Attending a college writing class in hopes of improving her writing, only added to the mysterious path that had a destination. At the same time while learning, happenings would become enlightened in a way of another chapter. The little faith had simplicity, while the journey held a depth that only knew how to grow. Simple started with a Jack in the box, while depth was made known through storms. Simplicity loved the desires of a child, while depth echoed from the Heavenlies. A child’s fable when looked at through the eyes that is upon the sparrow, gives lessons to the heart that so many miss. What could a famous racehorse, a fireman, a wooden puppet, an old scrooge, a banker and four struggling friends in travel have in common? A race, a shine, obedience, believe, and friends forever.

A simple journey, that travels into every chamber of the human heart.Life is a one-time journey and not meant to be taken lightly. It is our one chance to soar. Simplicity, laughter, joy, tears, and fear accompanied a child of small faith, but someone was always watching, whispering and guiding, she was never alone. Not understanding in the beginning, her travel, the passing of time brought clarity through testing’s and trust. The mystery of depth and it’s surfacing within the realm of simple is quit Magnificent, that is if one’s willing to listen, to learn and to believe. Shhhh, listen, its never too late and the journey’s not over yet.May these stories become an everlasting blessing. May they touch your mind and heart in a way of simplicity, but too in a depth of wonder. May a heavenlie insight bring a change followed by a shine, and most of all, may He who is invisible, make your path a Magnificent Adventure.