Once upon a time, a whisper came to visit my sleep,,,

 Today is Thursday, September 15, 2022 and I am starting a Blog. 

In the year 2016 and in the month of May there was a birth of a book named,  “A Magnificent Adventure. “

Stories had come to me in a whisper while I lay on my pillow at night.  Often being profound to the happenings of my day.

I would get up from my pillow to a writer’s desk near by and scratch these thoughts on a small piece of paper so not to forget within my sleep.

I wondered many times as the stories would visit, I would have pencil and paper in sight, jotting the whispers  and then returning to my covers.  Could these thoughts of messages in the night, help others? 

They had become to me as a wise  counselor that directed his thoughts to my daily happenings.  A child-like faith was saving me from hurt, inspiring my soul and cheering me on.